MERGA 46 Gold Coast Submission

Submission of Research Papers and Abstracts

The submission template was significantly updated to comply with requirements for indexation by publication services.

Submissions for MERGA 46 (2024) MUST use the new Submission Template and Author Guidelines (below).


Research Papers Submission Template and Author Guidelines

Please see a video example of how to apply the MERGA Template (note that there is no audio, and you may wish to slow the playback speed).
Early Bird Research Papers (Early Bird Submission) 28 January 2024 EB Information
Early Career Award Papers (Early Bird Submission) 28 January 2024 ECA Information
Research Symposium Papers  28 January 2024 RSP Information
Research Papers (Main Round) 18 March 2024 RP Information
Beth Southwell Practical Implications Award Papers 18 March 2024 BSPIA Information
Abstracts (Presentation Only)
Short Communications 18 March 2024 Short Communication Information
Round Tables 18 March 2024 Round Table Information
Posters 18 March 2024 Poster Information


Publication Agreement

A new Publication Agreement which requires all authors to sign and contains new clauses relating to ethical approval is available to download. A completed copy of the Publication Agreement is required as part of the Main Round submissions (18 March 2024). 


Submission Form

Main Round submissions are now closed. 


Review Process

Early Bird Submissions

Early Bird Submissions (including Early Career Award submissions) will be sent to one of the MERGA Review Panels who will undertake academic peer review after the submission deadline (28 January, 2024). Authors will be notified of the outcome decision by the MERGA Conference Editorial Committee by the end of February. The decision will be either:

    ACCEPTED for publication and presentation subject to MINOR REVISION

For both decisions, authors will be required to re-upload their revised paper, together with evidence of how they have responded to the Early Bird peer review feedback and a full manuscript by the Main Round deadline for full papers (18 March in 2024).

    *Papers “ACCEPTED for publication and presentation subject to MINOR REVISION” will be checked for compliance with the peer review feedback, and authors notified of the outcome by the MERGA Conference Editorial Committee.

    *Papers deemed “MAJOR REVISION REQUIRED” will be circulated for peer review in the Main Round (see below) and authors notified of the new outcome with the Main Round results.

Research Papers Main Round

All research papers will be sent to one of the MERGA Review Panels who will undertake academic peer review after the deadline of submissions (18 March, 2024). Authors will be notified of the decision by the MERGA Conference Editorial Committee within five weeks of the closing date. The decision will be either:

    ACCEPTED for publication and presentation (possibly SUBJECT TO MINOR REVISION) to be published in the proceedings and presented at this conference
    ACCEPTED for PRESENTATION ONLY to be presented as a short communication at this conference

For the first category, in most cases there will be an allowance for minor editing, as identified by reviewer recommendations, before final acceptance for publication. The time for such revisions will be 2-3 weeks, depending on Proceedings Publication deadlines, and subject to the MERGA Conference Editorial Committee requirements.

Self-Nominated Beth Southwell Practical Implications Awards

Self-nominated BSPIA may be submitted to either the Early Bird or the Main Round. BSPIA are not identified to the reviewers, who may also nominate papers that they believe meet the criteria for the BSPIA. BSPIA must be accepted for publication and presentation and blinded submissions are circulated to a BSPIA panel to judge the outcome. Therefore an extra blinded submission is required from those authors who are shortlisted.

Early Career Awards

Early Career Award applications must be submitted in the Early Bird Round and meet the criteria for entry and review process.

Short Communications/Round Tables/Posters

These submissions will be reviewed by the MERGA Conference Editorial Committee, who will communicate the outcome of the review process with authors/proposers.



MERGA is concerned with the promotion of quality teaching of mathematics and mathematics education at all levels, through critical study and reflection on practice and theory. Work accepted for presentation at the conference will be related to mathematics education whether at pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, and/or tertiary levels or within informal and workplace settings. Relevant topic areas include:

  • mathematics teaching, learning and assessment;
  • mathematics teacher education;
  • the policy environment of mathematics education practice;
  • emerging cultural, political, economic and technological contexts of mathematics education; and
  • the practice of mathematics within various cultural, sociological, philosophical and technological contexts.

MERGA acknowledges the equivalent value of research and other forms of scholarly inquiry. As such, a broad range of research methodologies and their methods will be accepted. These will include, for instance, quantitative approaches such as experimental and quasi-experimental investigations, qualitative studies such as case studies or ethnographies, participatory projects and postmodernist inquiry. MERGA also acknowledges, and encourages, scholarship in mathematics education that draws on a wide range of theoretical paradigms and interdisciplinary analyses. MERGA acknowledges the importance of opportunities for sharing emerging ideas in mathematics education and teacher development.


Submitting Multiple Papers

Please do not submit the same (or very similar) content in different papers or different formats.

In order to ensure that the conference program is as inclusive as possible, authors will normally be restricted to TWO published regular research papers carrying their name. Authors may also have their names on TWO symposium papers. Authors may also wish contribute to a further TWO abstracts from short communications, round tables or posters (but not two of each).

For example, an author may have their name on two research papers, two symposium papers, one short communication and one round table. 

If more than two of any type of paper/symposium/abstracts are submitted, the organisers will send only the first two received to reviewers, with no further consultation.

If program slots are limited, conference organising committees have the right to select from multiple contributions carrying the name of any author.


Financial Support for Conference Attendance

The MERGA Executive provides a range of bursaries to encourage and enable attendance at the annual Conference. The deadline is 1 May each year.