2021 Quick Reads

No.  Title of paper  Author/s  Remarks 
The devil in details: Mathematics teaching and learning as managing inter-discursive gaps  Anna Sfard Plenary
2 Many pathways towards "Excellence" in Singapore mathematics education Toh Tin Lam Plenary
3 "Becoming" a researcher in mathematics education Vince Geiger Plenary
4 The reification of the array: The case of multi-digit multiplication Kristen Tripet ECA paper
5 Exploring the 'high' and 'low' points in primary preservice teachers' mathematics-related identity development Janette Bobis, Janet Nyugen & Heather McMaster Research paper: Teachers - Preservice
6 Insights into the pedagogical practices of out-of-field, in-field, and upskilled teachers of mathematics Merrilyn Goos & Aoife Guerin Research paper: Teachers - Inservice
7 Teachers actions for consolidating learning in the early years Sharyn Livy, Janette Bobis, Ann Downton, Melody McCormick, James Russo & Peter Sullivan Research paper: Teachers - Professional development
Perspective taking: Spatial reasoning and projective geometry in the early years  Jennifer S. Thom, Lynn M. McGarvey & Nicole D. Lineham  Research paper: Students - Early years 
Why should we argue about the process if the outcome is the same? When communicational breaches remain unsolved  Joanne Knox  Research paper: Students - Primary 
10  Understanding secondary school students' motivations for mathematics subject choice: First steps in construct validation and correlational analysis  Jacky Tianmi Pei Bell, Jennifer Way & Paul Ginns  Research paper: Students - Secondary 
11  Computer-based mathematics assessment: Is it the panacea?  Angela Rogers  Research paper: Curriculum - Digital based assessment 
12  The development and validation of two new assessment options for multiplication thinking  Dianne Siemon, Rosemary Callingham & Lorraine Day  Research paper: Curriculum - New assessment options 
13  The metaphor of transition for introducing learners to new sets of numbers  Igor' Kontorovich, Rina Zazkis & Jason Mason  Research paper: Curriculum - Perspectives