MERGA members achieve ARC success

ARC Linkage Award
Emeritus Professor Peter Sullivan, Professor Janette Bobis, Dr Ann Downton, Dr Sharyn Livy and Dr James Russo

A Linkage Project led by Professor Peter Sullivan at Monash University, has received $321,817 from the ARC to enhance the mathematics outcomes of Australian students. The project will look into new teaching approaches that utilise sequences of cognitively challenging tasks, to build connections between key mathematical ideas whilst developing depth, flexibility and the transfer of knowledge.

With additional support from Catholic Education in the Diocese of Parramatta and Melbourne the project expects to build new understandings in ways in which mathematics is learned by 5-8 year-olds, providing mathematics leaders and teachers with the strategies and tools to improve student learning.

The researchers will develop a series of empirically-tested sequences of challenging tasks for use by all education sectors, as well as new approaches to teacher learning and improved student mathematics learning, that will underpin Australia's social and economic growth.

Prior to receiving this award the research team conducted  a pilot project with 20 schools in Victoria.  See this approach in practice here.