Research in Mathematics Education in Australasia (RiMEA)

Every four years, MERGA members prepare a critical review of research and publish it as an edited book with Springer. Calls for expressions of interest for editors and chapter authors are made via this website and member newsletters. For additional information, contact the VP Publications.

The next volume: RIMEA 2016-2019

The next volume of RiMEA will be published in early 2020. 
MERGA members interested in writing a chapter for the next 4-year review, or in forming a team of editors, should contact the Vice President (Publications). A call for editors and chapter authors is usually made during the third year of the 4-year span, via the MERGA newsletter.

Click here for information  -  Call for Authors for RiMEA 2020

Past RiMEA Publications

Please click here to view a complete list of RiMEA publications from 1984 to present.