Early Career Research Award

In order to encourage new researchers in mathematics education, MERGA sponsors an award to an author in the early part of her/his career. The award, for excellence in writing and presenting a piece of mathematics education research, consists of a plaque and a prize of $500 and is presented at the annual conference. As part of winning the award, it is expected that the winning recipient will write a brief (one or two paragraphs) report for an upcoming MERGA newsletter.

Recent Winners


2023 Sze Looi Chin

 2022 Lorraine Gaunt

 2021 Kristen Tripet

 2020 No MERGA Conference due to COVID

2019 Christine Mae & Steve Murphy
2018 Katherin Cartwright
2017 Laurinda Lomas
2016 Lisa O'Keeffe
2015 Jodie Miller
2014 Lisa Darragh

2013 Ban Heng Choy 

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Applying for the Award

Entry for the Early Career Research Award is by submission of a written paper for presentation at the conference through the Early Bird process. Conditions of eligibility, information about the judging process, and the criteria judges will observe are indicated below. If you are applying for the Early Career Research Award, please ensure that when you upload your paper on the conference website, you also send an email to the Conference Secretariat indicating that you are an entrant for the Early Career Research AwardNote that at some MERGA conferences there is also a form to complete or a box to tick on the registration form, so check the conference website carefully. Please note that co-authored papers ARE NOT eligible for entry into the Early Career Research Award, nor are Round Table or Symposium papers.

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