16 March 2020

Due to the global pandemic and travel restrictions caused by COVID-19, and following the decisions to postpone ICME14 and PME44 until 2021, the MERGA Executive and the Singapore Conference team have decided to suspend the MERGA 43 conference in Singapore this July. We will continue discussions with the MERGA local organising committee in Singapore to determine details related to the conference including this year’s conference proceedings and refunds to members who have already paid for registration. Other decisions regarding the Early Career and Practical Implications awards, the launch of RiMEA and the MERGA AGM will be made as soon as possible.  

While suspending the Singapore Conference was a difficult decision, we saw no other alternative in the current situation.  We will provide updates with further details as they come to hand.

Thank you for your patience and we sincerely apologise for the inconveniences this may cause, but the health and safety of all MERGA members is our priority. 


2020 MERGA Policy Meeting and AGM

The 2020 MERGA Policy Meeting will be held on Tuesday 14 July, 2.00-3.30pm Sydney time, by zoom. 

The 2020 MERGA AGM will be held on Thursday 16 July, 2.00-3.30pm Sydney time, by zoom.

Zoom links have been sent to all current members via email.


2020 MERGA Conference

Submission instructions and templates

Please submit papers using the links on the MERGA 43 Conference website

Early Bird Submission 1st Feb 2020   EB information   2020 MERGA conference Template  Instructions to Authors  
Early Career Award Papers 1st Feb 2020
 ECA information  2020 MERGA conference Template  Instructions to Authors
Research Symposia Papers 1st Feb 2020
 RSP information  2020 MERGA conference Template  Instructions to Authors
Research Papers 22nd March 2020  RP information  2020 MERGA conference Template  Instructions to Authors
Beth Southwell Practical Implications Award Papers   22nd March 2020  BSPIA information  2020 MERGA conference Template  Instructions to Authors
Short Communications/Round Tables/Posters 22nd March 2020  SC Information  2020 MERGA conference Template - abstract   Instructions to Authors


Please click here to access the MERGA publication agreement 

MERGA is concerned with the promotion of quality teaching of mathematics and mathematics education at all levels, through critical study and reflection on practice and theory. Work accepted for presentation at the conference will be related to mathematics education whether at pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, and/or tertiary levels or within informal and workplace settings. Relevant topic areas include:

  •  - mathematics teaching, learning and assessment;
  •  - mathematics teacher education;
  •  - the policy environment of mathematics education practice;
  •  - emerging cultural, political, economic and technological contexts of mathematics education; and
  •  - the practice of mathematics within various cultural, sociological, philosophical and technological contexts.
MERGA acknowledges the equivalent value of research and other forms of scholarly inquiry. As such, a broad range of research methodologies and their methods will be accepted. These will include, for instance, quantitative approaches such as experimental and quasi-experimental investigations, qualitative studies such as case studies or ethnographies, participatory projects and postmodernist inquiry. MERGA also acknowledges, and encourages, scholarship in mathematics education that draws on a wide range of theoretical paradigms and interdisciplinary analyses. MERGA acknowledges the importance of opportunities for sharing emerging ideas in mathematics education and teacher development.

Submitting multiple papers

Do not submit the same (or very similar) content in different papers or different formats.

In order to ensure that the conference program is as inclusive as possible, authors will normally be restricted to TWO published regular research papers carrying their name. Authors may also have their names on TWO symposium papers. Authors may also wish contribute to TWO short communications, posters, or round tables (but not two of each).  If program slots are limited, conference organising committees have the right to select from multiple contributions carrying the name of any author.

If more than two of any type of paper/symposium/communication are submitted, the organisers will send only the first two received to reviewers, with no further consultation.

Financial support for conference attendance

The MERGA Executive provides a range of bursaries to encourage and enable attendance at the annual Conference. Click here to find out more.