Short Communications

The following four documents are essential to read and complete when considering to submit a short communication to the MERGA conference.
  • Short Communication guidelines
  • Short Communication template (to be used to write the paper which is then submitted to the MERGA conference website)
  • Author checklist
  • Publication Agreement (to be submitting on the MERGA conference website)

Short communications are suitable for reports that do not fully meet the requirements for published papers. These might include works in preliminary stages, reports of pilot projects, initial reviews of literature, ideas or suggestions for future study, and briefer discussions of particular issues. Short communications allow new researchers to obtain feedback on projects in a constructive and supportive environment, and foster the building of links between researchers with similar interests.
Abstracts are required for short communications. They must be prepared using the conference template. The abstracts will be reviewed by the Editorial Team and, if accepted, will be published in the conference proceedings. Presenters are invited to prepare a paper for distribution at the conference, but these papers will not be included in the proceedings.

Presentation of short communications

Short communications are presented by author(s) only. At least 5 minutes is to be allocated for audience questions and open discussion.